Billy Blue Scholarship 2010 Winner

Recent work -

Software used – Adobe Illustrator CS4

“What if you started a rebellion? What would it stand for? What would it look like?”

This was the brief for the Billy Blue scholarship competition for 2010. Looking back at previous winners, I saw that they had a strong conceptual strength, so my focus was on combining a strong concept with some nice visuals to make something that really communicated a message.

I decided to make a comment on censorship, and the way government controls on information are becoming more and more prevalent, especially in light of the proposed ‘internet filter’ here in Australia. With my interest in fat type and designing crazy machines, I decided to portray censorship as a collection of devices, working away autonomously to process and change information. The machines formed the word ‘censorship’. The unplugged power cord is at the core of the message; We need to unplug the power that the machines have over our information.

The poster, logo and splash page are quirky, colourful and friendly, which is totally at odds with the traditional hyped and angry anti-government propaganda. This was my intention – it needed to have an impact and offer something new to the barrage of protest material we’ve all seen before.

Welcome to 1.0!

Recent blog -

As far as I can remember, it’s been three years and three redesigns since my first attempt at a portfolio and blog website. I’ve heard people say before that one of the hardest things to do is to design for yourself and I guess truly know what that means now. Another throwaway quote that I’ve also found rings true is that you are your own worst critic. My own criticism has prevented me from releasing sooner, and I would encourage anyone who’s having second thoughts about their own website to silence the critic inside and keep going.

What really drove the development of this website forward was the implementation of a strict time structure. Treating yourself as the client both helps you to keep on track in development and push through any doubt you may have. For me, the Major Design Project I had to complete final year of High School provided me with this solid foundation and motivated me to continue development straight through to the end.

What’s under the hood

I’ll probably write some more in-depth posts about how I developed parts of the website, but for now I’ve devised a short list which just shows a few things I have implemented into this website –

- CSS navigation matrix or CSS sprites
- jQuery addClass attribute for overlapping navigation
- Javascript Lightbox for portfolio gallery images
- WordPress as a blog publishing platform and CMS
- Valid XHTML and CSS

So what’s next?

My plan for this website is to be a foundation for my design work. I would also like to populate the blog with design related things, maybe some tutorials and such. Expect problems and tweaks over the next coming weeks as I fix and change things. Some areas I will be focusing on are the blog commenting system, typography and layout tweaks. Thanks for visiting, hope to see you again soon!