The Advantages of Using a Movable Cubicle

Nowadays, various businesses and individuals make use of portable containers. Storage is beneficial for households and businesses. This is why both can and should use storage containers.

A movable cubicle can be used as additional storage space for businesses. It can be used to transfer or deliver products. It can also be a place where companies can store their materials in.

movable cubicle The Advantages of Using a Movable CubicleAs an individual, you can use a cubicle in so many ways because a movable cubicle is very versatile. There are instances that people have used it to make a house.

If you are thinking of buying or renting a movable cubicle, listed below are some of the advantages that will help you with your decision.

1. It’s reusable –

Movable cubicles are made of sturdy materials. You can use it indoors as storage space for your home. You can use it outdoors to transfer your things from one place to another.

It’s durable so it can withstand extreme temperatures and drastic weather changes. The exterior may wear down over time. To make it look brand new again, it only needs minor repairs.

If you do decide to get yourself a cubicle, make sure to find a new and sturdy one. Old and second-hand cubicles cannot provide the same kind of property protection that you need even if you care for them as much as you would a new cubicle. It will not provide the same amount of storage capabilities compared to a new one.

2. You can rent it out –

If you eventually discover that you will not use the entire space of a movable cubicle, you can put up the remaining space for rent. Recently, more people seek additional space for their old furniture and appliances. However, not all of them can afford to buy or rent out a whole cubicle.

This is especially helpful if you are in need of extra cash. To begin renting out a cubicle, you have to advertise. There are various sites that offer free advertising services for classified ads. You may even use your social media accounts to advertise your intent to rent out a part of your cubicle.

3. It’s portable –

This is helpful for people who constantly want travelling to different places. Rent out or purchase a truck and have it attached to the cubicle.

4. You can turn it into anything you want –

With the right design and materials; you can use a movable cubicle as an extension for your house. You can construct windows and doors. Put furniture inside. You can turn it into a room and place it anywhere on your land without major renovations.

If you consider creating your own business, you can even turn it into a food truck. Just attach it to a back of a pickup truck and drive to where people would most likely buy your merchandise.

5. Save your belongings from pests –

Rodents cannot cut through the metal exterior of the cubicle. It cannot gnaw its way inside to get to your things. The same is so for most of these pests as long as you properly seal the possible openings and crevices where they may pass through.

6. Cheaper alternative to a warehouse –

You get the same functions of a warehouse but it comes cheaper and is more convenient.

7. It comes in different sizes –

This will allow you to choose a size that will specifically suit your needs and purposes. You will not waste money on renting out a storage space too large or too small for your needs.

8. Convenient and immediate –

Movable cubicles can be rented and bought when a sudden need arises. It can be for short-term or long-term use.

There are different companies that offer movable cubicles for rent. Most of them are willing to deliver these cubicles all over the state.

There are different advantages that cubicles can bring for every business and individual. It’s no wonder more and more people are getting themselves one.

7 Mistakes a Keynote Speaker Should Avoid

The worst thing that a keynote speaker can do is leave his audience feeling bored stiff. To prevent this problem from cropping up during his talks, these seven mistakes should be avoided at all costs:

Putting Them to Sleep

Lulling the audience to sleep can be avoided if the speaker injects enthusiasm into his voice while talking – this makes his audience feel eager to listen to him. His job is not only to inform the audience but to entertain them as well.

Failing to Meet Their Expectations

The audience is there because they want to hear what the keynote speaker has to say. They know he is an expert in his field, so they expect him to be successful in giving his talk. Also, it helps to keep in mind that making the right first impression is crucial, so that the worst thing he can do is to appear ineffective, negative, and passive.

Assaulting Them with Too Many Slides

PowerPoint slides are useful because they prevent the speaker from looking too passive, and they also help make his ideas clearer to the audience. But too much of a good thing can be a problem – instead of looking at the speaker and focusing on his talk, his audience will inevitably become distracted by his presentation slides. Worse, they will find him uninteresting in comparison, and that will cause the speaker to fade in the background. To a speaker, that is fate worse than death!

Confusing Them

Keynote Speaker 7 Mistakes a Keynote Speaker Should AvoidSo presentations are good, but it’s best to keep them at a minimum, and the speaker should focus instead on making his talk substantial. Then again, the last thing a speaker wants is to make his audience suffer from too much information. They will get bored, and what makes it worse is that they may fail to even see how these messages could possibly be connected to one another. The whole point of delivering a talk in order to explain a particular topic becomes lost on them.

What the keynote speaker can do is follow this formula: introduce the topic and the problem involved, tell a story related to the topic, suggest a solution to the problem, and then end by encouraging the audience with call-to-action statements.

Not Regaling Them with Stories

Even though a speaker avoids giving talks that are filled with too much information, this does not mean he can get away with not telling a story or two. More than keeping his talk from sounding too tedious to the audience’s ears, sharing stories holds their interest and encourages them to engage in the discussion that is sure to follow. It helps the speaker tell stories that are drawn from his own experience or his knowledge on other people’s experiences.

Drawing the Attention Away from Them

The keynote speaker should avoid talking too much about himself, his accomplishments, or the company he is connected with. The purpose of giving his audience a speech is to help them solve a problem (usually associated with their line of work). Providing the audience examples about the speaker’s company helps enrich the discussion, but the speaker should only share information that is relevant.

Not Believing that Practice Makes Perfect

As mentioned earlier, the audience holds high expectations that the speaker will deliver a great speech, if not a perfect one. It truly helps if the speaker practices everything before the day of his talk: his prepared speech, so he sounds confident and convincing onstage; his walk, which should be minimal but varied enough to keep things interesting; and his voice, which should have just the right speed, volume, and pitch, as well as a touch of humor.

Avoiding these mistakes is not difficult for a keynote speaker to accomplish. All he needs is lots of preparation as well as the passion to inform and entertain.

Inside Scope: Everything You Need to Know About Printed Circuit Boards

Have you already seen a printed circuit board? These are glass fabricated plastics which have copper tracks and holes. The electronic components are soldered on the board so that it will not detach. And instead of wires, PCBs use copper tracks to connect the components. It is one of the simplest electronic boards you can use to test circuit designs.

Two Sides of a Printed Circuit Board

There are two sides of PCBs. The upper side is, usually, the component side. This is where you place your electronic components such as diodes, transistors, LED bulb, etc. On the other hand, the back side is called the copper track side. In this side, you will see lines which connect the PCBs.

How are Printed Circuit Boards made?

Printed circuit boards Inside Scope: Everything You Need to Know About Printed Circuit BoardsFirst, they are designed on the computer. There are many software available to design and test if the circuit is working. AutoCAD is one example of software. Yenka electronics is another. The latter can test if the circuit will work. Designing boards are easier with these programs because you can make improvements to you circuit without experiencing short circuits and wrong wiring. Actually, there is manual testing for circuits. One of those is with the use of bread boards. However, there is a big possibility of error when using bread boards compare to PCBs. So, most people prefer using PCBs than bread boards.

After designing the PCB, the board will undergo manufacturing process. The design will be printed and transferred to a copper board. After that, copper tracks should be defined and visible. To do this, you should remove excess copper from the board. There are different types of manufacturing process. There is UV etching, acid etching, silk screen, etc. This actually depends on the materials available and the preference of the manufacturer.

Once the board is etched, drilling holes is the next step. After that, the PCB is now ready to use.

Types of Printed Circuit Boards

There are three types of printed circuit boards. They are single sided board, double sided board, and multilayer boards.

• Single Sided Board

This kind of PCB is the simplest of all the boards. The upper side is the component side and the lower side is the copper track side. Components are fixed and soldered in one side. This is often used in simple circuit designs. It has a single layer substrate.

• Double Sided Board

Compared to the single layer board and the multilayer board, this type of PCB is the most common. Both sides of the substrates are used. Also, components are attached to the upper and lower sides of the board. Copper tracks are also present on both sides of the board. For assembling the components, this type uses through-hole construction.

• Multilayer Board

As it was described, it contains several layers of board. Some have 4, 6, 8, 10 layers. However, when the manufacturer uses a machine, it could exceed 42 layers. Multilayer boards are only used for large and complex circuits.

Printed Circuit Boards Manufacturing Methods

There are four methods used in creating a PCB. They are acid etching method, UV etching method, laser etching method and mechanical etching method. Here is a brief summary of each.

• Acid Etching

With the use of an etchant like FeCl or Ferric chloride, the excess copper will be removed from the board. Thus leaving the designed copper tracks.

• UV Etching

This method uses a UV etching machine. You just have to place our board between two glass boards and place it in the chamber. After a specific time, etching will be finished and copper tracks are now defined.

• Laser Etching

Big PCB companies use this expensive method for an easier and faster production. Laser beams are used to etch the printed circuit boards.

• Mechanical Etching

Same as with laser etching, this is also used by huge companies. Etching is made by a machine which removes the excess copper and leaves the desired copper tracks.

Understanding Golf Shoes

There used to be a time when golf shoes weren’t that big of a deal. People would simply put on a pair that they were comfortable with then walk to the green to play a round of golf. Nowadays, the simple approach of wearing what’s comfortable is no longer enough.

People need to put a little bit more thought into the pair of shoes that they wear for each game. If they want to take golf as a sport seriously, then wearing the right pair of shoes is one of the first big steps they can take in that direction.

Choosing the right pair of shoes means learning how they can affect a golfer’s game. Thankfully, understanding golf shoes isn’t as difficult as most people would think it is. All they really need is a little bit of interest. Here are a few important things that every golfer needs to know about the shoes they were on the green.

What makes them special?

golf shoes Understanding Golf ShoesThe shoes that golfers wear are noticeably different from other kinds of shoes. This is perfectly normal. In other sports, people also tend to wear a unique pair of shoes. In basketball, the shoes have design elements which help to add spring in the player’s steps. In soccer, the cleats help the players get some traction on the ground.

The thing that separates golf shoes is that they have spikes. These spikes weren’t always on there. There used to be a time when people simply wore whatever shoes suited their fancy. It wasn’t later on that the fashion of wearing spiked shoes became popular.

The reason why these shoes have spikes is to add stability. Golf is a game of precision. Everything a golfer does all leads up to the club hitting the golf ball in the best possible way to achieve a great shot. Stability is one of the major elements of a great shot.

The shoes add some stability. The spikes underneath the shoe help plant the golfer in the right position. This lowers the chance that the golfer will ruin their position once they swing.

Made for comfort

It’s generally advised for golfers to buy shoes which are a bit tight. This is to avoid any sort of slippage inside the shoe. That said, comfort is still an important factor. Golfers will have to walk long distances and wear their shoes for several hours on end, hence the reason why it needs to be comfortable.

This isn’t that much of an issue though. A vast majority of the companies that make golf equipment design their shoes with comfort in mind. These shoes may cost a lot of money, but it’ll all be worth it in the end.

Golfers shouldn’t take a comfortable pair of shoes for granted. Wearing shoes that are uncomfortable can help increase fatigue and stress during a round of golf. This in turn can adversely affect a golfer’s performance.


Most, if not all, golf shoes nowadays are waterproof. People don’t need to panic or worry about getting their shoes wet or having their shoes being exposed to the elements. Manufacturers understand that the sport of golf is one played outdoors. Keeping that in mind, these manufacturers design their shoes and use materials that will help it endure anything Mother Nature can throw at it.

The looks

Some people have this preconceived notion that shoes are styled for the rich. This simply isn’t true. To be sure, there was a time when the shoes were a bit old fashioned or reserved in its style. However, the latest design trends have shown that golf shoes have grown out of its old look as some of the new shoes can appeal to most people.

Addressing The 4 Common Causes Of Employee Engagement Survey Failure

An employee engagement survey is a good tool for assessing and increasing any organization’s employee satisfaction retention. The data collected from such surveys are used not only to give the management a better look into their workforce’s insights but also to give the company a basis on where and how best to focus their efforts in improving the employees’ engagement with the company.

employee engagement survey Addressing The 4 Common Causes Of Employee Engagement Survey FailureWhile there is a lot to gain from conducting employee satisfaction and engagement surveys, there are a number of issues that can lead to the exact opposite of what these surveys aim to achieve. Instead of increasing engagement and improving the employees’ satisfaction ratings, it is possible for a survey to make the employees feel even more discouraged to perform and engage well in an organization. This happens when the employees feel that the surveys that they tediously answer yield no visible and tangible results that they can benefit from. Surveys are conducted to act as bases for improving the organization; there is no point in annually sending out surveys for employees to answer if the organization doesn’t interpret the findings correctly or doesn’t act upon the results.

Often, though, an organization’s failure to do something about the employee engagement survey results is an unintentional mistake. There may be companies that conduct these surveys with the improvement of their employee engagement in mind, but still end up with nothing to work on. Here are the most common reasons why this may happen, along with some recommendations on how to correct these mistakes.

1. The survey gives more of an organizational overview rather than specific results. This is often the result of designing the survey questionnaire poorly, where the data collected are not made specific to each company location, business unit, organization department, team, and individual. It is best to design the questionnaire in such a way that the data gathered are as granular as possible.

2. The results come back too late. It is important to receive employee engagement survey results in the timeliest manner possible. The relevance of data gathered from these surveys can change and degrade over time. The downtime will hinder the company from applying the right action plan to the right teams and individuals at just the right time. To avoid this, you can employ the services of an employee satisfaction and engagement provider that can give you real-time results.

3. The results do not reach the right people. In many cases where the company hires an engagement provider, the data collected form surveys are sent directly to the executives for assessment and action. While it is indeed important to send the results to the higher-ups, it is equally important to share this information with the front-line managers and immediate supervisors as well. They are the ones who get to interact with the individual employees frequently, and as such, are capable of taking significant and immediate action to improve the engagement of employees who under their direct supervision. Look for an engagement provider that will share results on both a macro and a micro level, so that everyone from executives to individual team leaders can act on the survey results.

4. The organization can’t translate the results into specific actions. No matter how well-designed an employee engagement survey is, it is useless if there is no right team in place to handle the analysis, assessment, and interpretation of the findings. Unless these results are translated into corrective actions, the organization will end up wasting time, effort, and money in an engagement program that will only cause the employees to disengage even more. If you aren’t confident that you have the right specialists to perform this task, it is best to hire an engagement provider that can do this for you.

In the end, it all boils down to finding the right professionals who can help from designing the employee engagement survey to turning the results into actual action plans that can generate higher productivity, better employee satisfaction, and increased employee retention.

Essential Information about GW501516

GW501516, otherwise known as GW1515 or GSK 516 is a kind of drug that is considered as a PPAR-delta modulator. This drug is known to activate the AMP activated protein-kinase. It stimulates the uptake of the glucose in the tissue of skeletal muscles. The drug is also proven to demonstrate the reversal of abnormalities of the metabolic processes of men who are obese. It is also known to cure conditions like the pre-diabetic metabolism syndrome in which it is observed to stimulate the oxidation of fatty acids.

gw501516 Essential Information about GW501516Also, in the previous years, the drug has been known to be proposed as a potent drug for treating other conditions that are related to obesity. When coupled with another compound known for its synergistic property, the AICAR, subjects, mainly laboratory animals, are seen to be more enduring when it comes to physical exercise.

Initially, GW501516 was discovered in 1992 by the GSK and another company called the Ligand Pharmaceuticals. In a report in the year 2000, it was stated that the companies used the drug in the phase I trial stage to treat hyperlipidemia. According to another report, it was said that GSK utilized structure-based designing procedure of drugs. The company is reported to use combinatorial chemistry techniques as well.

After the first phase of the trial of the drug, it was reported that Ligand Pharmaceuticals earned a total of one million dollars. The second development phase pushed through in 2007. For undisclosed reasons, however, GSK abandoned further development of this drug.

It was Ronald Evans from the Salk Institute who wished to create a drug that can significantly enhance performance and at the same time, in a radical manner, boost the endurance of human beings. In 2004, marathon mice were engineered genetically to display the PPAR-delta traits in their muscle cells. Upon giving them the developed GW501516, it was found that higher dosage can significantly increase laboratory mice’s endurance.

At this point, you might be wondering how the drug works. According to its creators, the drug is a selective activator or agonist of the receptor called PPAR-delta. It has high potency and affinity for the PPAR-delta. It can efficiently select PPAR-delta over PPAR-alpha and PPAR-gamma.

For rats, the binding between the PPAR-delta and the drug results to the activation of PGC-1a. The complex, in return, turns up to regulate protein expression that is involved in the expenditure of energy. Also, the rats that are treated with the drug have increased the capability to metabolize fatty acid in their skeletal muscles. The rats are likewise protected from the development of type II diabetes and diet-induced obesity. When the drug was used in monkeys, they were noted to lower their levels of VLDL or very low density lipoprotein. Also, an increase in the HDL or the high density lipoprotein is also noted.

Now, you might be asking how GW501516 is used. Basically, there are two main classifications of uses of the drug. The first and the more popular means of utility of this drug is to increase the level of endurance. It is important to note that the GW has already been banned among athletes who are in the professional category. This is due to the fact that the drug can give any athlete an unfair level of advantage over his competition.

Therefore, for people who wish to drastically improve his level of endurance, this drug is clearly one of the best choices. It was also noted that the results are quite quick and the results can be very staggering. Commonly, a dose of 10 milligrams per day can deliver the desired level of increase in endurance.

The second use of GW501516 is for fat loss. A lot of users rely on the drug because it was proven to melt the fat off without being catabolic. This means that you can still hold on to your muscles while losing the layers of fat. This can be further enhanced when used in conjunction with the other drugs.

Pros and Cons to HCG

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone that naturally occurs inside the placenta of pregnant women. Recent studies have shown that it helps to regulate the metabolism of pregnant women, which means that it is also believed to be helpful for adults who want to lose weight, too. Dr. Albert Simeons was the first scientist to proclaim the benefits of using HCG as a weight-loss therapy for human adults. The hormone can be injected, taken as a liquid drop, as a spray, or in the form of a pill. The use of HCG as a weight-loss supplement is controversial, though one of the biggest concerns people have is the difference between the injections versus the drops.


real hcg drops Pros and Cons to HCGAs mentioned before, the drops are intended to be taken daily. HCG can also be taken into the body in the form of injections. There are a great many benefits to taking HCG drops (IF they’re combined with a low-calorie diet). Among the benefits are:

Any low-calorie diet will bring hunger pangs with it. The use if HCG can help to curb those pangs.

HCG improves metabolic rate, which means that a body can burn fat faster.

HCG has been shown to help a body rid itself of toxins.

HCG helps a body prevent more fat from being stored in the first place.

With proper dosage and use, a person can lose 1-3 pounds of fat per day WITHOUT having to exercise.

HCG drops are easy to administer. they require no special knowledge or mixing of any kind.


Not all HCG drops have been approved by the FDA. Make sure the ones you choose have been approved. Those which have been approved should come with fewer potential problems. Here are a few of the potential drawbacks associated with HCG use.

Side effects including nausea, abdominal pain, headache, and others have been reported by people using the HCG diet.

Because the diet requires such an intense restriction of calories, exercise is NOT advised.

The use of HCG has not been endorsed by the medical community at large.

For women, the drops can interfere with regular hormone cycles, including menstruation.

In order to be successful, a person who attempts the HCG diet must exhibit supreme self-control. No fatty foods may be eaten during the diet. Period.

Of course the decision about whether or not you want to try the HCG diet is up to you. Nevertheless, a complete and impartial disclosure requires that I inform you that, although many people have enjoyed tremendous success in their weight-loss efforts by using the HCG diet, many of those people saw the weight come right back as soon as they went off the diet. that’s true of any weight-loss program, though, except for a program of sensible eating combined with sensible exercise.

The real hcg drops are one of those diets who make weight loss almost seem easy.

Best Metal and Finish Options for Challenge Coins

Challenge coins come in many shapes and sizes with a variety of designs set in gold, silver, bronze, copper or other metal alloys, and could be plated in rhodium, silver or gold. Because challenge coins are a symbol of one’s affiliation in an organization, it is imperative that they be made of apparent good quality manufactured from the best materials. A poorly made coin gives others a negative impression of the institution it pertains to. It could even signal to others that it is not genuine challenge coins of that organization one purports to have membership in. Highly-esteemed groups would clearly only use emblems of the best quality. So in having coins produced, one must ensure that they bear the mark of excellent quality and authenticity.

In choosing the metal and finish for the coin, one has to go for a style that best suits the organization. The most expensive metal that can be used is 24-carat gold. This option is often reserved for limited edition coins or for medallions given as prestigious awards or gifts. Polished gold or silver has a sleek and posh look. If you want to convey modernity and discipline, then it would be best to go with this metal finish. Military groups and government agencies often go for this option.

A less expensive option that would give a similar gold or silver appearance is to have a metal alloy plated in a more precious metal. But, the plating could chip or wear off and expose the metal underneath. This is especially noticeable if the base metal is of a different color from the plating metal, e.g., copper base with silver plating.

Challenge coins 150x150 Best Metal and Finish Options for Challenge CoinsFor a more vintage look that conveys an air of heritage and a connection with history, one can go for antique gold or silver. Instead of polishing the metal to a high sheen, the metal is dulled down in order to give it an aged look. Other metals that would look good with the antiqued finish are brass and copper. Keep in mind to choose a manufacturer that actually plates the metal rather than simply exposing it and allowing it to oxidize.

Zinc alloy cast metal is the most popular inexpensive option for the coins. However, it makes the coin less valuable and renders the designs and engravings on the metal not as sharp and precise as with higher quality metals.

Take note that is not advisable to use nickel and nickel alloys for challenge coins. Plain nickel would discolor and if worn in direct contact with skin, it has a tendency to turn skin green. Many people are also allergic to this metal. Moreover, it looks quite cheap and appears as a toy.

The finish that you choose should match the design elements on your coin. An insignia bearing an old map of a city would look best on a yellow metal base with an antiqued finish. Likewise, a profile of a man in modern-day military regalia would look best on polished silver metal.

Most challenge coins also have painted designs instead of just having engravings as in the case of currency coins. Asking for color on the coin increases its cost but also makes it more distinctive. Painting is best done by hand and baked in a kiln to set. Some paints are able to give the coin an interesting texture or smoothens lines thereby emphasizing the design further. A protective coating is also applied to guard against cracks and fading.

For quality coins that offer an array of custom design options, you can check out makers online like The service allows customers to choose different metals and finishing in order to make their challenge coins special and fine-looking.

Material Composition of Lanyards

Neck lanyards are not difficult to identify, and because they are generally at a finished length of 17 inches and have the same structure across all manufacturers, there isn’t much variety in these lanyards with the exception of the design imprinted on them. In terms of material composition, neck lanyards can be very different, which in turn affects the design and the print. Here is a breakdown of the possible materials that manufacturers could use in producing their lanyards:

Dye Sublimated Lanyards

Neck Lanyards Material Composition of LanyardsFor anyone who is looking to have multiple colors on each side of the lanyard, this material and procedure will do the product justice. These lanyards are made from white polyester. From there, the base color (or colors) is applied, followed by the imprint of the custom design. Unlike the screen printing and hot stamping procedures, dye sublimation transfers the imprint onto the lanyard instead of the imprint sitting on hot material. The transfer involves containing the imprint on paper and because of that, the chances of the imprint scraping or wearing out is decreased. Given that this procedure is slightly more complicated but also produces the best quality lanyards, dye sublimated lanyards are a bit pricier than other materials.

Polyester Printed Lanyards

These are the most popular types of lanyard as they have a low cost despite being made from a great and sturdy material. The material itself comes in an assortment of colors, so anyone who wants to order neck lanyards just need to choose the color and then the imprint, along with its font. Unfortunately imprints for these lanyards can only be in one color. After choosing the imprint, the design will be silkscreen printed, a process that is also used with mugs and t-shirts, so that the details in your design will be printed clearly onto the material.

Nylon Printed Lanyards

Some people dislike the roughness of the polyester, so they opt for the nylon alternative. The great thing about nylon lanyards is that the material is smooth and high quality. Imprints of these lanyards also go through the silkscreen process. If a customer requires a complicated design or a detailed logo on their lanyards, nylon would be his best bet. Organizers of large corporate meetings like trade shows, conferences and seminars tend to use nylon printed lanyards, demonstrating that this material works well for anything corporate. Nylon is slightly more expensive than polyester.

Woven Lanyards

These kinds of neck lanyards are also made out polyester but the printing process is not the same as the polyester printed lanyards. As the name indicates, the logo or design is actually woven into the material. Woven lanyards are best suited for minimalistic texts and designs. Advantages of using this material include the ability to produce smooth results and the ability to prevent the wearing off of the design.

Tubular Printed Lanyards

This is the cheapest as well as the most comfortable option out of all the materials used for lanyards. Tubular lanyards are also made from polyester, however it undergoes a tube stitch procedure that makes the material much softer than the others. The feel of the tubular lanyard is reminiscent of a shoelace. After the tube stitch, the custom designs and text will be silkscreened onto the lanyard.

There is also the choice of ordering blank lanyards made from any of the materials above for the functionality of the product instead of design. People who order blank neck lanyards usually use them for big events. Whether one chooses to have imprints or designs on the lanyard, he has lots of options with the variety of materials that the manufacturers make available.